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Housing-related Resources

Resource guides/Directories

pdf.gif Housing page from the DHS Community Referral Packet 

pdf.gif HUD/HAP Contracted Providers of Housing Directory
Annually-updated listing of all DHS-contracted and known non-contracted agencies that provide services to homeless individuals and families in Allegheny County. Details include specific programs, the eligibility criteria to enter the programs and contact information.

pdf.gif Locating suitable, affordable housing
Links and contact information for local, state and federal housing authorities (Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, McKeesport, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD))

 Spreadsheets of Housing Resources in Allegheny County as of 2012

Helpful information

pdf.gif Apartment Search Record Sheet
One-page form to record important information about each apartment that is visited

pdf.gif Frequently Asked Questions about Qualifying for Low Income and Affordable Housing 

pdf.gif If you believe a property owner discriminated against you…
What are your rights? Who can help you?


pdf.gif Allegheny County Ten-year Plan to End Homelessness (2005)
The original cooperative plan for Allegheny County, the cities of Pittsburgh and McKeesport and the municipality of Penn Hills to end chronic homelessness. The plan was filed with the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. Additional plan updates. 

pdf.gif Allegheny County Ten-year Plan to End Homelessness - Progress Review (2005-2009)
A draft summary of the progress made since 2005 toward addressing the recommendations identified in the Ten-year Plan to End Homelessness.


pdf.gif Advancing Data on Homelessness in Eleven Communities
Applauds the efforts of eleven communities across the nation to utilize their Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to produce high quality, innovative program- and system-level data. The DHS chapter, Improving System Effectiveness by Combining Multiple Data Sources, begins on page 39.  Prepared for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs in the Office of Community Planning Development, February 2010.

pdf.gif Fact Sheet – Allegheny County Homelessness Continuum of Care
Annual statistics for homeless persons and programs that serve homeless within Allegheny County. Data includes point-in-time information as well as funding sources and persons served.

  pdf.gif Point-in-Time Survey – Allegheny County Homeless Population
Annually-updated point-in-time statistics of persons who are homeless as defined by HUD. Composite since January 2008. NOTE: the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) changed the definition of some key terms in 2010 which prevents an accurate comparison between numbers of persons-served in some categories in 2011 and 2012 and prior years.

pdf.gif Strategies for Improving Homeless People's Access to Mainstream Benefits and Services
Provides small-, medium-, and large-sized communities a range of effective, inclusive, and creative mechanisms that they can consider to compensate for the loss of HUD supportive services funding for homeless programs. Prepared for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, March 2010

pdf.gif Summary of HUD Tier I Applications – Allegheny County Supportive Housing Program Continuum of Care 
Brief overview of each grant awarded to Allegheny County for the current year’s HUD Supportive Housing Program. The overview includes both new and renewal project awards.

Advisory Bodies

Local Housing Options Team (L-HOT) 

Homeless Alliance Advisory Board