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HIPAA Information

The following information is provided by DHS to comply with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules establish, as a federal mandate, a minimum standard for client privacy and information security.  Under these regulations, DHS defines itself as a “covered” component within the hybrid entity Allegheny County, and thus must comply with the regulations.  In addition to complying with HIPAA, DHS must comply with similar state and federal regulations governing the privacy and confidentiality of client information including records for those receiving mental health and substance abuse treatment.

All DHS employees must complete the online training within 60 days of hire. An email will be sent to new hire employees with the link and time frame to complete training.

For questions, please contact the DHS privacy officer at DHS-PrivacyOfficer@AlleghenyCounty.US.

pdf.gif DHS Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information
Describes how medical information may be used and disclosed and how to get access to this information

The forms below may be used by individuals to manage the use and disclosure of their protected health information.

pdf.gif Accounting of Disclosures Request Form
Allows an individual to request a record of when and to whom his/her records were released. 

pdf.gif Alternative Communication Request Form
Allows an individual to request that a means of communication, other than spoken English, be provided

pdf.gif  Authorization Form - Child/Adolescent Interagency Meeting 
Allows a parent/guardian or young adult to authorize the use and disclosure of protect health information among authorized participants in a child's interagency meeting. 

pdf.gif Health Information Amendment Request Form
Allows an individual to correct his/her health information record(s) that he/she feels is inaccurate   

pdf.gif Privacy Complaint Form
Allows an individual to file a formal complaint about the use and disclosure of his/her protected information

pdf.gif Restriction Request Form
Allows an individual to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of his/her protected information