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Educational Supports for Children and Youth

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Resources to Reduce Truancy

If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers.  Please visit the Be There site for more information on a local public awareness campaign about the importance of positive school attendance.

World Wide Web Icon Truancy Prevention Program
The Truancy Prevention Program (TPP) is a coalition of local school districts, the Alternative Education Program (AEP) of the Allegheny Intermediate Units (AIU), the Allegheny County Juvenile Court, and the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF).  These entities all share responsibility for dealing with the problems of habitual truancy.  The TPP was founded on the belief that schools and agencies can work more effectively with the difficult issue of truancy by coordinating efforts.  Because truancy generally begins at an early age and becomes increasingly more difficult to deal with in older children, it was decided to use all of the resources of the TPP for students 15 years of age or younger.

Additional Resources

World Wide Web Icon Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan Basic Education Circular (BEC) 
A resource of the Pennsylvania Department of Education that explains for whom school attendance is required by law in Pennsylvania, the maximum lawful absences from school during one school year, how individuals involved with the care of a child can help keep the child in school, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s recommended policy for how schools should address truancy.

PDF Icon Pittsburgh Public Schools Social Workers and Guidance Counselors
For truancy and poor attendance concerns about students who attend Pittsburgh Public Schools, you can contact the social worker or guidance counselor at the school the child attends.

pdf.gif Habitual truancy statistics for school districts in Allegheny County, 2008-2009
Includes local truancy data - separated by school district, school, grade, total population, gender, race, total number of truants (more than six unlawful absences) and the overall truancy rate (total population divided by total habitually truant students).

World Wide Web Icon Toolkit for School Attendance and Truancy Reduction
Web-based resources for educators, child welfare professionals and court personnel to effectively address truancy in their local community.

Enrollment/School Stability and Attendance training
PowerPoint Enrollment/School Stability and Attendance
PDF Icon Enrollment/School Stability and Attendance  

Addresses the laws that empower children in care to remain in the same school even when their living placement changes. This is an overview of Pennsylvania’s enrollment laws which ensure the prompt enrollment of all students.

  • Laws that govern school stability
  • Homeless and foster children’s rights
  • Steps to take to ensure a child enrolls in school
  • What to do during disputes
  • Fostering Connections

Supporting documents  

For other related trainings 

Truancy Workgroup

In 2009, a Truancy Workgroup was convened by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to address the issue of truancy in Pennsylvania. This multi-disciplined group worked diligently for one year to identify truancy issues, gather court and education truancy data, research best practices and prepare a report with recommendations to present to the 2010 State Roundtable.

pdf.gif Truancy: A Call to Action - A Report and Recommendations to the Pennsylvania State Roundtable, Truancy Workshop, May 2010 
Includes information on national- and Pa.-specific truancy issues, Pa. truancy laws, statewide truancy data, workgroup recommendations and highlighted truancy programs. The report attachments include information on the Basic Education Circular on Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan issued by the Pa. Department of Education and magisterial district court county truancy data.

pdf.gif Recommendations from the Truancy Workgroup 

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