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Educational Supports for Children and Youth

Special School Settings

Special School Settings provides information about resources for children, youth and young adults who require special arrangements to support their education such as alternative schools, non-educational placements, homebound instruction, partial hospitalization programs and cyber schooling.

Basic Education Circulars 

World Wide Web Icon Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth 
A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that explains the origin of Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) programs, eligibility for these programs, restrictions related to special education students and general program requirements.

World Wide Web Icon Educational Programs for Students in "Non-education" Placements 
A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that provides information about children and youth who are placed in “Non-education” placements for reasons not related to their education needs. Types of “Non-education” placements include residential treatment facilities, licensed shelters, group homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers and detention homes.

World Wide Web Icon Homebound Instruction 
A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that provides information about cases where an IEP Team requires that a child receives education instruction in the home due to a severe medical condition or mobility impairment that renders the child unable to leave home to attend a regular school setting.

World Wide Web Icon Home Education Programs 
A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that outlines criteria for a parent/guardian/legal custodian to provide a home education program, provides a listing of the requirements for the home education program, a list of acceptable tests to fulfill the law’s requirements, and sample form for the parent/guardian/legal custodian to use to obtain approval for the home education program.

Cyber schooling 

PDF Icon Approved Pa. Cyber Charter Schools
A list of Cyber Charter Schools in Pennsylvania that have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, including contact person’s name, phone number and email, grade levels served and website.

World Wide Web Icon Cyber Charter Schools  
A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that explains the governance, operation and curriculum instruction requirements for cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania.

Partial hospitalization 

World Wide Web Icon PDF Icon Pennsylvania Education Law Center Report on the Challenges of Providing Educational Services to Children and Youth Attending Partial Hospitalization Programs 
An Education Law Center publication provides a strategy for meeting the educational needs of children and youth in partial hospitalization programs.

World Wide Web Icon The Pennsylvania Code 
A link to Chapter 5210 of the Pennsylvania Code, the section that defines and explains the structure and requirements of partial hospitalization programs in Pennsylvania.

World Wide Web Icon Special school settings for children and youth with disabilities 

Important Contacts

PDF Icon Pittsburgh Public Schools Social Workers and Guidance Counselors 

The Right School Setting training

PowerPoint The Right School Setting
PDF Icon The Right School Setting  

Discusses the right school setting for children that are placed in care with the county child and youth agency. This entails why school stability and setting are important for these children and what to know when dealing with issues such as disciplinary actions of the school.  

  • Education screening used with child welfare and the differences for children in care
  • Rights of students for in and out of school discipline and definitions
  • Issues to consider for the right setting and definitions
  • Rights of students in residential and alternative education placements

Supporting documents  

For other related trainings  

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