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Educational Supports for Children and Youth

Progress toward Promotion or Graduation

Not all children move to the next grade level with their peers or are on track to receive their diploma. Some are delayed along the way due to circumstances that may be challenged and remedied. Below are resources for parents, caregivers, educators, human service workers and providers to assist in understanding the reasons children and youth are not promoted and as well as supports to help children and youth be successful in school.

Children Youth and Young Adults with Special Needs

When a child may have special education needs as a result of a disability that is preventing him/her from moving to the next grade level or graduating, visit the Education for Children, Youth and Young Adults with Special Needs page for information about the special education evaluation process.

Children, Youth and Young Adults in Need of Remedial Support

When a child is at risk of not moving to the next grade level or not graduating due to a need for remedial services, contact the school district the child attends to find information on the services available in that district and in the individual school the child attends.

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Children, Youth and Young Adults with Poor Attendance or Truancy Concerns

When a child is at risk of not moving to the next grade level or not graduating due to a poor attendance record, visit the Truancy and Poor Attendance page for resources. 

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Progress Towards Graduation training 
Progress Towards Graduation
PDF Icon Progress Towards Graduation  

An overview of the consequences and causes of poor school attendance and the importance of attendance in relation to graduating. It also discusses the pathways in which these children are able to graduate from high school or obtain their GED. The following will be covered:

  • Definitions of attendance, truancy, PSSA, AYP  
  • Actions to take in the case of truancy  
  • Making sure the child is in the appropriate grade level and what to do if they are not making progress  
  • Remedial services, credit issues, and graduation requirements  

Supporting Documents  

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