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Electronic Client and Provider Information System (eCAPS)

eCAPS provides accurate and timely client and service provider information, including information for more effective client referrals, client service delivery, and provider management. eCAPS is the umbrella application that includes: HMIS, BSU, SCU, MH provider, Batch submissions, provider reports (eCAPS/ALDA), provider extract.

eCAPS https://ecaps.county.allegheny.pa.us/ 

Information-Systems-Access Request (ISAR) Form

The DHS PDF Icon ISAR eCAPS MPER HMIS form must be completed, signed and submitted by any provider required to have access to eCAPS and/or MPER. Authorized providers must also read and accept the terms of the ISAR policy.  PDF Icon Instructions for completing the ISAR eCAPS MPER HMIS form  

Information Exchange

pdf.gif e-CAPS Information Exchange Specification Manual 
pdf.gif e-CAPS Information Exchange SCU/Provider Guide 

Technical Information

Technical Information includes hardware and software requirements, Internet connectivity procedures, file transfer protocols, and Operational Documents. Information regarding "Business Process" issues can be answered by contacting the appropriate Program Office.

Hardware and Software Documents

Details the technical requirements for accessing and using eCAPS.

pdf.gif Connectivity Instructions 
pdf.gif Suggested Questions when Choosing an ISP 
pdf.gif System Requirements 

 Operational Documents

Day-to-day forms and related information.

pdf.gif Accessing eCAPS Reports

Batch Submission Documents

Instructions and specifications for creating batch files from service date on your computer system to transmit to eCAPS electronically.

pdf.gif Batch Process Overview
pdf.gif Companion Guide Overview
pdf.gif Data Integrity Validations
pdf.gif File Upload Procedure
pdf.gif 837 – Batch Certification Process 

Data File Download Documents

Technical specifications for data that can be downloaded from eCAPS for your procedure to then import into your system

pdf.gif Data Extract User Manual 

Service Offering/Specialized Service Request Documents

pdf.gif BH Services & Specialized Service Codes 
pdf.gif BH Services & Specialized Service Codes (with definitions)
pdf.gif MR Services & Specialized Service Codes 
pdf.gif MR Services & Specialized Service Codes (with definitions) 

To request that a new file be posted or that an old file be updated, or if you need additional information or have questions regarding any of the documents listed on this page, please contact the DHS Help Desk at 412-350-4357 option # 2.