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Dignity and Respect Campaign

Treating people with dignity and respect is crucial to building and sustaining relationships where each person feels included, valued and appreciated. Treating people with dignity and respect doesn’t cost anything and it’s easy.

Easy-to-do daily "Tips" can raise the level of dignity and respect in your life and the life of those around you.

As part of the D&R Campaign, everyone is encouraged to take the Dignity and Respect Pledge.

"I pledge to support inclusion by treating my collegues and the members of my community with dignity and respect.  I will do my part to ensure that inclusion is at the core of what I do every day."

You can register that you took the pledge at Take the Pledge.

The Mission of the Dignity and Respect Campaign

The Dignity and Respect Campaign is an awareness campaign designed to join individuals, community leaders, community organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and corporations under the common notion that everyone deserves dignity and respect. What started in Pittsburgh, Pa. as a local community effort has now become a national initiative dedicated to driving inclusion and promoting campaign launch efforts in every major city in the U.S.

The Purposes of the Dignity and Respect Campaign are to:
  • Promote behaviors that represent dignity and respect of self and of others;
  • Promote inclusion through community collaboration, multi-cultural awareness, and service;
  • Reinforce and complement existing organizational and community inclusion efforts;
  • Share best practices related to national inclusion awareness campaigns and initiatives;
  • Provide tools, resources, and solutions to build unity and raise multi-cultural awareness and
  • Encourage every major city to launch the Dignity and Respect Campaign.
Daily Tips 
Sweat the small stuff  Treat others the way they want to be treated Get someone else’s point
of view
Smile Be culturally competent Lead the way
Listen Break the ice Do the right thing
Say hello Demonstrate mutual respect Be considerate
Say thank you Ask Remember, we all
make mistakes
Reinvent the wheel Find common ground Get involved
Be Open Communicate respectfully Become a mentor
Be flexible Practice patience Take a healthy step
Join the team Seek understanding Lend a hand
Be a relationship builder Share your point of view Be a champion of dignity
and respect

Please contact Deborah Slocum 412-350- 3689; Deborah.Slocum@AlleghenyCounty.US or Ondréa Burton 412-350-3683, Ondréa.Burton@AlleghenyCounty.US with questions about DHS participation with the Dignity and Respect Campaign.