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Strengthening Treatment And Recovery (STAR) Data System Information

As partners in substance abuse treatment DHS requests that all providers of substance abuse services begin communications within their organization on the deployment of the STAR Data System. The deployment for collecting the long-standing federal and state requirements regarding substance abuse data for Pennsylvania is beginning and your organization is a significant part its successful implementation.

The new STAR Data System is mandatory and will be your replacement system for the Client Information System as well as much more. Data in the system will include, but will not be limited to,

  • the Referral and Screening Process,
  • the Assessment and Treatment Process,
  • the Intervention and Continued Stay Process,
  • the Recovery Process and
  • the Discharge and Reporting Process

for all SCA-funded clients within the Continuum of Care.

Mandatory Trainings - SAVE THE DATE

Allegheny County has been designated as part of Region 6 (Western Pa.). The training period for our region will begin on April 17, 2012 and continue through May 18, 2012. Because the compliance timeline for state deployment is very aggressive, there are only eight trainings on the schedule for Region 6. (click on link)  Allegheny County providers must attend training within Region 6.  Please  SAVE THE DATE as registration will open 30 days in advance of the training start date.

PDF Icon STAR Training Dates and Locations for Providers in Region 6
PDF Icon STAR Treatment Data System Provider Training Agenda  

Providers are required to send one participant from their organization to this mandated four-day training. This individual will become your organization’s in-house expert STAR liaison. Therefore, each training participant should be well-versed in your own organization’s operations, be technically savvy and be prepared and able to communicate and educate your organization’s staff on the utilization of STAR as learned in the training.

If you have questions about the training documents/templates or the STAR Data System, please contact BDAP Treatment and Monitoring at 717-783-8200.

Daniel Miller | Chief, Data Section
Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs
Pennsylvania Department of Health
02 Kline Plaza | Harrisburg, PA 17104
Phone: 717-783-8200 | Fax: 717-787-6285 

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