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CSBG-ARRA Programs and Services to Support Self-sufficiency

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has allocated $2.4 million to Allegheny County to support working-age people who are struggling to overcome the financial effects of the national recession on their lives. The programs give people the tools to better manage their finances and thereby improve their incomes and their futures.  

DHS has contracted with 16 local agencies to provide a wide variety of services designed to lead a new group of people to long-term self-sufficiency. Members of households with an income level up to 200 percent of thepdf.gif Federal Poverty Income Guidelines are eligibility for these particular Community Services Block Grant-funded programs.

The available programs include:

Service Coordination for Self-sufficiency   $569,125 budget to support 330 households/families

Service coordination includes working hand-in-hand with persons in specific populations to ensure that they are accessing the most appropriate services in an optimum way. The goal of this intensive service coordination is to assist persons with their ability to better manage their existing income, to improve the likelihood of increasing their income and to make wise decisions to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

Employment and Training   $1.1 million budget to support 350 persons

Employment and training services include working with unemployed or underemployed youth and adults by providing access to education and employment training programs; as well as assistance in improvement of academic skills, obtaining their high-school (-equivalency) diploma as a pre-requisite for further education and training and/or employment, securing education and/or training for employment, securing employment, and in improving job-readiness skills.

Financial Literacy   $112,344 budget to support 425 persons

Financial literacy services assist individuals and families who may be stretching their income beyond its limits. Classroom and one-on-one sessions will highlight household budgeting, credit counseling and repair, refinancing to obtain lower interest rates, borrowing, increasing income, building assets, savings, home ownership, home repairs and renovations, accessing tax benefit programs based on income (e.g., EITC, Child Tax Credit, PA Homeowner/Renter Tax Rebate), and accessing other benefit programs.

Services for Immigrants and Refugees        $388,314 budget to support 355 persons

Eligible participants in programs for immigrants and refugees will be expanded beyond families who are new arrivals to the United States and Allegheny County to include longer-term legal immigrant and refugee families and individuals who are still working to be fully integrated into their communities. The full range of financial literacy, employment and training, and service coordination offerings will be supplemented with English as a Second Language classes and other services that reflect the cultural diversity of the target population.

September 10, 2009 DHS Announces Federal Stimulus Dollars to Fund Services to Help Additional Individuals and Families Become Self-sufficient

pdf.gif Federal Poverty Income Guidelines

pdf.gif CSBG ARRA Service Providers by Service Area