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Become a Caregiver

DHS provides many opportunities for individuals to open their home and agree to care for a child, adult or older adult who may or not be related. The following links provide details about each of the programs.

Adoptive Parent for a Child(ren)
Provides all-important permanency for a child whose safety and well-being cannot be ensured with his or her birth parents. Adoptive parents are generally from a family the child knows—relatives or foster parents.

Dom Care (Adult Foster Care)
Matches people who cannot live independently with families who are willing to open their homes and provide a caring environment. Those who may need placement include older adults and/or persons with mental health concerns and/or persons with an intellectual or physical disability, ages 18 years or over.

Family Caregiver Support Program
Reduces caregiver stress and reinforces the care that they provide to their family members. The program supports caregivers who are caring for relatives with functional impairments, ages 60 years and over, and 18- to 59-year-olds with a medical diagnosis of an irreversible dementia.    

Caregiver Champions is a volunteer-powered, grassroots effort to reduce the stress of caregiving through learning circles where experts share vital information about coping strategies, tools and resources in our community

Foster Parent for a Child(ren)
Provides care for a child until his or her parent(s) can resume full responsibility or until a permanent home is found. Foster parent(s) commit to helping a child through a difficult period. It is a job for people who can provide sincere but short-term love and guidance.

Having a place to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a wonderful life. Lifesharing providers live and share their home (owned or rented) with an individual diagnosed with an intellectual disability. Lifesharing providers are a diverse group and includes single people, couples and families. Together the Lifesharing provider and Lifesharing participant form a supportive and loving  household. Lifesharing providers receive a stipend to help defray costs, 24-hour back-up support and training. Contact Marilyn Shiwarski at 412-253-1252 or Marilyn.Shiwarski@alleghenycounty.us.

Senior Companion
Provides regular visits and assistance to older adults in their home. Companions may assist with simple daily activities, serve as an escort for shopping, medical or social outings, or provide caregiver relief.
pdf.gif Senior Companion Program brochure