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Behavioral Health Transportation Program

Travelers Aid Society offers enhanced transportation benefits to persons with mental health and substance use disorders who enroll through a participating DHS Office of Behavioral Health-contracted agency. The Behavioral Health Transportation Program (BHTP) provides a monthly Port Authority Transit (PAT) bus pass for a $12-per-pass co-pay.

The decision of who receives the available passes is made at the agency level, where discussions between partners in recovery can determine those who would benefit most from the service.  Individuals with mental health disorders can be eligible to receive a bus pass for up to 12 months. Individuals with substance use disorders can be eligible to receive a pass for up to three months.

Individuals who qualify should ask their provider of behavioral health (MH or D&A) services about how to enroll.

 In order to qualify, individuals must:

  • Be receiving behavioral health services from a BHTP-participating, DHS-contracted provider;
  • Reside in Allegheny County;
  • Live at least one half mile from eligible destination; and
  • Start out attending at least three eligible trips per week as stated in service plan. An eligible trip is any trip a person needs to take as a part of their personal recovery journey: dinner with a friend or family; a trip to the grocery store; AA or NA. Anything that’s in the person’s plan can count as an eligible trip.
  • You do NOT need to be on Medical Assistance (MA) to enroll.

Agencies that wish to participate should please contact the Manager of Behavioral Health Special Projects at DHS Office of Behavioral Health or the Travelers Aid Society 412-281-5474.