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Advisory Council to the Area Agency on Aging

The Advisory Council (the Council) to the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) works as an advocate for the older adults of Allegheny County by informing and educating the public about the needs of older adults.

The Council advises the AAA on the development and implementation of the Four-year Plan and the annual Aging Block Grant application.

The Council ensures that applicants for service have access to the AAA appeal procedures and provides guidance to the applicants.

Annual Plans and Budgets - Area Agency on Aging  

Meeting Schedule - Advisory Council to the Area Agency on Aging  

Membership Requirements

The Council's membership (maximum:19; minimum:15) is selected and appointed by the Allegheny County Council from a list of names submitted by the County Executive.

As stated in the Advisory Council's by-laws, at least 50 percent of the membership must be age 60 years or older, including a minority contingent in proportion with the older minority population of the County.

The Council must also include: 

  • representatives of those older adults with the greatest social or economic needs
  • recipients of AAA services; 
  • local elected officials; and
  • representatives of the general public.
Membership terms

Members are appointed to three-year terms on a staggered basis, with approximately one-third of the terms expiring each year. After a member serves two consecutive terms, a one-year absence from the Council is required before he or she becomes eligible for reappointment.

Any member who misses three consecutive meetings will be contacted by the Council to determine his or her interest in continued membership, and such insufficient attendance or other improper conduct may be just cause for the Advisory Council to recommend the removal of the member.


The Officers of the Advisory Council are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair and Secretary.

  • The Chair presides over all of the Council's meetings, assigns duties to its other members, and generally directs all of its affairs.
  • The Vice Chairs are authorized to assume the duties of the Chair in his or her absence.
  • The Secretary is responsible for providing timely notice to the public of all of the Council's meetings, and for keeping a permanent and updated record of its membership, officers and activities.

All officers are elected by a majority vote of the Council's membership for a term of two years. After two consecutive terms, an officer must be absent from office for one year before becoming eligible for re-election.


The Advisory Council maintains an Executive Committee, chaired by the Council Chair, and two other standing committees, each with a chair appointed annually by the Advisory Council Chair.

  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee, comprised of all of the Council's officers, acts on behalf of the membership between regularly scheduled meetings, and monitors the Council's fulfillment of its responsibilities. Any action taken by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the membership at the next meeting.
  • Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee consists of at least three Council members, appointed by the Chair, and is responsible for recommending new members to the Advisory Council and for nominating a slate of candidates for the Council's election.
  • By-Laws Committee
    The By-Laws Committee consists of at least three members, appointed by the Advisory Council Chair and is responsible for annually reviewing the Council's By-Laws and recommending revisions of them to the Council.
  • Special Committees
    In addition to the standing committees, the Council Chair may appoint special committees for specific time-limited tasks. These committees must include at least one member of the Advisory Council, but may include AAA staff, consumers or representatives of service-providing organizations, government, or the general public.

The Council Chair serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, and all committee meetings are attended by the administrator of AAA, or an individual of his or her designation.

Conflicts of Interest

Should a member of the Council be directly involved with the development or implementation of a proposal or contract to be funded by AAA, he or she must declare a potential conflict of interest and abstain from discussion or votes concerning any such proposal. The declaration will be stated and recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Council Rules, Requirements and Regulations
  • The Advisory Council is required to hold regular meetings, attended by a quorum of eight Council members and the administrator of AAA, at least once per quarter. 
  • Any member may place an item on the agenda of regularly scheduled meetings by contacting the Chair two weeks in advance. 
  • Special meetings may be held at the request of either the Council Chair or one-third of the membership, at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

The proceedings of every Advisory Council meeting are recorded by the Secretary in its minutes. In conformity with the Sunshine Act of 1998, the meeting schedules and the minutes of all meetings of the Council and its committees (with the exception of those special task forces that include non-Council members) and copies of the Council's updated By-Laws are made available to the public.

Members (August 2014)

Dr. Stephen M. Albert, Ph.D
Ms. Michele Traficante
Dr. Judith S. Black, M.D.
Dr. Morton Coleman, Ph.D
Mr. William DeSantis
Mr. John Lovelace
Ms. Gwen Ogle
Mr. Frank A. Petrich
Dr. Edmund M. Ricci, Ph.D
Dr. Joan C. Rogers, Ph.D.
Dr. Katherine D. Seelman
Ms. Vivian C. Sweeney
Rev. David H. Taylor
Mary D. Delaney
William Fong