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Allegheny County Music Festival Fund

ACMF logoSince 2000, the Allegheny County Music Festival Fund (ACMFF) has provided children and youth receiving services through Allegheny County Department of Human Services and the Juvenile Section of the Family Division of the Court of Common Pleas with life-enriching items and opportunities otherwise unavailable through traditional government funding.

Who is eligible to benefit from the ACMFF?
Children receiving services through DHS, a DHS-contracted provider, or Allegheny County Juvenile Probation are eligible to benefit from the ACMFF.

Types of requests that have been approved by the ACMFF
A sampling of approved requests includes, but is not limited to: dance lessons, computers (refurbished) and age-appropriate software, graduation expenses, college tours, summer camp tuition, registration fees for recreational activities and memberships to cultural attractions.

Reduced-fee admissions to Carnegie Museums available through their $1 Access program.  

Submitting a Request
Requests must be made by a social service professional working for DHS, a DHS-contracted provider or Allegheny County Juvenile Probation on behalf of a child receiving services. 

Prior to submitting a request, the social service professional (requestor) is advised to refer to:

pdf.gif Request Guidelines and Procedure,
pdf.gif Frequently Asked Questions,
pdf.gif List of W-9s on file with ACMFF and
pdf.gif ACMFF Check List documents. 

If applicable, please refer to the pdf.gif Summer Camp Guidelines and pdf.gif Lessons Policy and Guidelines documents.

W-9 and ACMFF Request Forms
All requestors must complete and submit an pdf.gif ACMFF Request Form for each request.

In addition, each vendor used by the ACMFF must have a completed W-9 form on file with the ACMFF prior to a request’s approval. pdf.gif List of W-9s on file with ACMFF.  

If a desired vendor is not included on the list, the requestor must have the vendor complete a pdf.gif W-9 and submit the original signed W-9 with the ACMFF Request Form. Payments will not be processed to any vendor without a completed W-9 form on file. 

The ACMFF Request Form (and W-9) with original signatures must be mailed to:

Allegheny County Music Festival Fund
Event and Donations Team/OCR
One Smithfield Street, First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Monetary Donations
The funds to provide life-enriching items and opportunities to children are raised through two annual fundraisers:  Allegheny County Music Festival and Candidates’ Comedy Night.  As the demand for funds increases, so does the need to raise additional funds.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Checks can be made out to:       
"Allegheny County Music Festival Fund"
Event and Donations Team/OCR
One Smithfield Street, First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Please refer questions to: ACMFF@AlleghenyCounty.US or 412-350-3428.

About the ACMFF