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DHS News Newsletter June 2009 

OIM Request formalizes requests for IT-related items

June 2009

On June 22, the DHS Office of Information Management (OIM) released OIM Request, a new software-based process to formalize, clarify and streamline the ordering process for information and technology – IT – requests throughout DHS.

Not only will OIM Request replace informal word-of-mouth and email IT requests, but it will also replace the use of hard copy forms used to request access to DHS applications.  OIM Request will not replace the Help Desk’s role of answering questions about DHS applications or faulty equipment.

Authorized users

DHS Deputy Directors were asked to identify individuals in their offices who would receive authorization to initiate an order through OIM Request for IT-related items and services.  Only these authorized users have access to the OIM Request application. For a list of authorized OIM request users, please see the highlighted box on this page.

Prior to using OIM Request, each authorized user attended a one-hour mandatory demonstration that presented the application in detail and provided instruction on how to use it correctly.

Ordering process

OIM Request allows these authorized users to electronically submit requests for standard DHS IT “durable resources” (desktop computers, laptops, printers, software) as well as access to DHS applications for existing staff and new network accounts for new staff.  Embedded product descriptions, including pricing, are provided for each item. There is also an option to request non-standard items.  Approval of requests for non-standard items is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Each Deputy Director has the authority to set whatever oversight safeguards of the request process s/he feels are appropriate since the responsibility for each order is ultimately that of the Deputy.  OIM Request tracks each request as it moves through the OIM portion of the process.
In addition to allowing requestors to track orders electronically, the application sends requestors an email when the status of an order changes.  Tracking currently ends when the order moves to the DHS Office of Administration. Additional information about OIM Request (including the list of authorized users) and other DHS applications, is available on the DHS Intranet by clicking on the DHS Assist link on the top menu bar.
OIM is already hard at work adding more functionality to OIM Request. Watch for updates in future issues of DHS News.


OIM Request Authorized Users and/or Office Points of Contact


Angela Lucente-Prokop


Cheryl Michalowski


Sue Martone


Dan Robinson – Director’s Action Line
Joe Elliott – Allegheny Link to Aging and
Disability Resources
Dana Sheehan – remaining OCR staff


Robert Rebholz – HSB 1st floor
Janet Klixbull – HSB 2nd floor
Jonathan Walkush – E&T and RO


Ernest Abrams – CRO
Linda Macioce – ERO
Betty Davis – NRO
Larry Brandyburg – FC
Nancy McGuire – ADOP
Coleen McElroy – LIO
Leslie Freudenberg – SRO
Diane Bero – MVRO
Corrine Reid – TRAINING


Brian Bell – Primary
Erin Dalton – Back up
Executive Office
Terry Lane


Alma Jackson – Primary OIM
Arlene Morosko – Back up


Marian Tresky – Forest Hills
Susan Adams – Green Tree
Beverly Bailey – Back up


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