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Allegheny County Division of Computer Services, in conjunction with the Office of Property Assessments, Department of Real Estate and the County Treasurer, offer access to additional search and retrieval services on the Real Estate Web site.

Additional services include:

  • The ability to search by owner name
  • The retrieval of the legal description of parcels
  • Additional tax information

To establish an account, please use the Real Estate Website Subscription Services Application. You will be provided a user name and password via email after registration. Send the completed form along with the one-time Registration fee to:

Division of Computer Services
542 Forbes Avenue, Room 621
Pittsburgh PA 15219-2952
(Make check payable to: County of Allegheny)




Description of Service 

Registration Fee  $100.00 This is a one-time fee due at registration
Base Service  $50.00 / month Monthly fee plus Hourly Usage Rates

Hourly UsageRates:

(Charged in addition to Base Service fee.)
Peak Hours  $6.00 / hour Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Non-Peak Hours  $1.00 / hour All other hours

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis.

To access the Subscription Service web site, login from the Real Estate website.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Division of Computer Services Service Desk at (412) 350-HELP(4357).