Administrative Services

Computer Services


The Division of Computer Service will lead, implement, and support the effective integration and use of information technology in partnership with county departments (our customers) by providing applications, infrastructure, emerging technology, and the associated services in support of the countys mission.


As a result of service improvements and focusing on our customers needs during the next few years, we expect our customers and ourselves to be able to say about Information Technology:

  1. We are a customer-focused, quality-driven organization.
    1. Our customer is our focus; our customer satisfaction rating is 100%.
    2. We improve our services by surveying customers, and by benchmarking, measuring, and auditing our services.
    3. We retain and invest in staff and contract to fill the gaps.
  2. Connectivity is our future.
    1. We enable our customers to share information and transact business with other departments, agencies, vendors and external service providers through the network.
  1. We are the providers of choice.
    1. Our customers perceive increased value in our services and come to us first.
    2. Our customers help us decide which services to provide.
  1. Our infrastructure supports our customers growing needs.
    1. We commit to evaluate and implement new technologies that align with customer business needs.
    2. Our infrastructure is available 100% of the time, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.


  1. Change As an Opportunity
    We will examine the present paradigm and encourage all to think outside the box.
  2. Customer Focus
    Our decisions and actions are responsive to our customers needs. Our programs and solutions to major issues are developed in a proactive way with our customers and stakeholders.
  3. Ethical Behavior
    We maintain a personal commitment to professionalism and integrity. We ensure conformance with responsible business practices. We keep our commitments.
  4. Flexibility, Creativity, and Initiative
    We are committed to a flexible operating environment that facilitates the pursuit of new technologies, processes, and programmatic approaches and to ideas that challenge the status quo. We are flexible and adaptive to an ever-changing environment.
  5. "Just Do It"
    We avoid blaming established processes and structures as an excuse for delays and lack of progress. We seek ways to change established processes if they are inefficient. Our customers never hear, Its not my job.
  6. Leadership
    We value those that lead by example. We encourage everyone to be a leader in performing his or her job.
  7. Open Exchange of Ideas
    We value listening as an essential tool in learning from others. We recognize the needs of others for information, and we communicate our knowledge and the information that others need in an open and candid manner. We encourage employees to question practices, methods, and policies. We respect the opinions of all.
  8. Pride in Our Work
    We value a commitment to excellence in the services we provide. We strive to raise the standards by which we are judged.
  9. Respect and Dignity
    We value behavior that demonstrates respect, understanding, and acceptance of others. We value the needs of individuals.
  10. Teamwork
    We value individuals ability to work together to achieve a common goal that could not be achieved by an individual. We are able to compromise and learn from others. We promote cooperation and building consensus in working with others.