Office of the County Council

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The Allegheny County Code of Ordinances

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The Allegheny County Code of Ordinances is a collection of all Ordinances of general and permanent application enacted subsequent to and certain Ordinances enacted prior to the adoption of the Home Rule Charter into a single unified Code of Ordinances. The stated purposes for this are to enhance the function of County government and give the County's citizens easier access to its laws of general application. Codification makes no change to the applicability or effect of any of the preexisting Ordinances (whether included in the Code or not), each of which would continue in force as though no change had been made.

Home Rule Charter

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Under the Home Rule Charter, which was approved in May of 1998, the voters of Allegheny County chose to replace the former 3 Commissioner form of government with an elected County Executive and 15 elected County Council Members. County Council is the County's new legislature. Every Allegheny County resident resides in a Council District and is represented by a Council Member from that district. They are also represented by 2 Council Members elected At Large (countywide). Members are elected for staggered four-year terms.

The powers and duties of Council include approving and amending legislation that is proposed by the County Executive. Council Members may also generate legislation on their own. They are also responsible for the levy of taxes, fees, and service charges, and the passage of balanced annual operating and capital budgets.