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Save Energy at Home and at the Office

  • EnergyStar - An excellent starting point for your energy conservation planning and calculations - and learning about the associated available tax credits.
    TIP: Watch for the EPA’s new Home Star program coming soon to certify energy-efficient homes beyond the current Energy Star certification.
  • Duquesne Light's WATT CHOICES Program helps customers conserve energy and reduce demand while lowering their electricity costs. Watt Choices invites residential, commercial and industrial customers to take advantage of a wide range of energy efficiency, conservation and demand-response measures. By participating in these programs, customers are not only learning ways to conserve energy, they also are reducing their overall impact on the environment through reduced power plant emissions and load reduction.  
  • Be sure to visit your own electric utility provider’s web site. All electric companies in the Commonwealth must comply with Act 129, which requires them to reduce the electricity demanded. Each company has additional financial incentives in place for its commercial, industrial and residential customers.


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Build a Green Building

Renewable & Alternative Energy

Wet Weather Issues – Storm Water, etc.

  • 3 Rivers Wet Weather - an overview of the wet weather issue and how it impacts you by causing sewage to overflow, visit .
  • ALCOSAN - the region’s largest waste water treatment authority is working to reduce overflows, comply with a Consent Decree to improve water quality, and serves 83 communities in the County.

Conserving Water

Regional Trails Partners

Learn about the terrific network of regional trails that connect our communities, and the plans to emulate the success of the trail to Washington DC (the Great Allegheny Passage) with a trail to Erie, PA.

Sustainability Development