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Allegheny Green ChampionsOur staff is part of the solution in furthering our sustainability efforts and reducing the County’s environmental impact.  

Allegheny County Green Champions are volunteered staff members that help support our efforts to build a conservation-minded culture among County employees. This is part of involving our staff as we make significant retrofits to County facilities and incorporate sustainability throughout Allegheny County’s day-to-day operations.

What is a Green Champion?

Allegheny Green Champions
  • Allegheny County employees who have volunteered to support the sustainability culture within the County.
  • An Employee who is passionate about making a difference with the Allegheny Green initiative.
  • An Employee who takes on the responsibilities below:


Allegheny Green ChampionsAllegheny Green Champions
  • Attend a two hour Green Champion Workshop to learn the basics of being a Green Champion
    • Learn about current sustainability initiatives at the County
    • Pledge to adopt the current focal energy saving behaviors
  • Encourage all employees to adopt the current focal energy saving behaviors
  • Become a spokesperson for Allegheny Green within their department
  • Help with Allegheny Green scheduled events

Allegheny Green Champions at the Green & Innovation Festival