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Beautifying Sites and Preventing Litter

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Allegheny County is pleased to partner with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Allegheny CleanWays to offer those who live, work and play in the region an opportunity to adopt County-owned roads and bridges to organize regular roadside clean-up projects and to encourage citizens to be more deeply involved in the livability of their own communities.  Adopting an area is a proven and effective way to address persistent dumping and littering and helps keep these areas trash-free. All it takes is a concerned person or group of volunteers and a commitment to be part of the solution in keeping Pennsylvania clean.

Who Can Participate?

The Allegheny County Road & Bridge Adoption Program is intended to complement the existing efforts of other organizations such as PennDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway program and the programs of the County’s partners, Keep PA Beautiful and Allegheny CleanWays, an affiliate of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

Any interested organization or individual over 18 years old can participate as an adopting organization. Volunteers can be 14 years of age or older.

How Does the Program Work?

The process for adopting a highway is shown in the diagram below. To get started, you need to complete and submit the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful PDF Icon application form.

You can contact Allegheny County with questions at Email to: .

Allegheny Cleanways Program Flowchart

What’s Required of Participants?

Permission is required from the property owner. In the case of the Allegheny County Road & Bridge Adoption Program, Allegheny County is the property owner, and will review your request for authorization.
One person 18 years or older has to be the primary contact for the Adopter, even if is an organization or corporation that is making the adoption. The Primary Contact is responsible for serving as the point of contact with Keep PA Beautiful, Allegheny CleanWays and Allegheny County. The Primary Contact is also responsible for organizing safe clean-up events and reporting results back to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.
The Adopting Individual or Organization agrees to organize a minimum of two clean-up events annually.
The Adopting Individual or Organization agrees to commit to participation in the program.  Our adoption program is open-ended. Active reporting indicates an active adoption.
Identify your intended site. The suggested road mile length for adoption is 3 miles. However, depending upon the exact site, property lines and clean-up and beautification needs, the adopted segment may vary in actual length. We encourage the adoption of an area that can be maintained on a regular basis.
The Adopting Individual or Organization agrees to reserve resources at least 3 months prior to the proposed event and BEFORE ANY volunteer recruitment or publicity for that specific event day commences. We cannot guarantee that we can properly support events that do not comply with this time frame. Events that do not meet all Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful parameters may not be covered by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful insurance.
For insurance liability purposes, adoptions must be registered with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. Approval of your registration form completes this requirement.
The Adopter commits to recruiting volunteers to help with clean-up and beautification efforts at the adopted site. The Adopting organization or others that it recruites can help with donations of supplies and services if you wish – garbage bags, gloves, vests, water, volunteer refreshments, etc.
Allegheny CleanWays will provide safety training and vests, along with garbage bags and gloves in the event that your Adopting organization cannot provide them.
Allegheny CleanWays and Allegheny County work together to ensure that the collected trash is promptly picked up from your clean-up event.

Where are the County Roads and Bridges?

Download the list of PDF Icon County roads and bridges that may be available for your consideration for Adoption.

How Can I Sign Up?

World Wide Web Icon Complete & Submit the Application Form