Bureau of Weights and Measures

Consumer Protection

The Bureau of Weights and Measures assures that the rights of the consumer are protected from deliberate fraud or unintentional errors and further serves to protect the business owner. The Division inspects and monitors all transactions in which a commodity or service is bought or sold or a weighing and measuring device is utilized.

Certification Reports

The Bureau of Weights and Measures follows guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Pennsylvania State Legislature.

Blue Arrow Weights & Measures Certification Reports 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inspected?
The Bureau of Weights and Measures conducts inspections on all gas pumps in Allegheny County. Random inspections are conducted on commercial scales - up to 1,000 lbs. capacity, jeweler’s scales, airport luggage scales, parking meters, parking garage timing systems and scanners at retail checkout counters.

How often do inspections occur?
Each gas pump, scale and scanner in Allegheny County is inspected on an annual basis. Inspectors conduct approximately 10,000 tests per year, using equipment certified for use by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

How are tests conducted?
County inspectors check retailers randomly and un-announced. Gas pumps failing to pass testing twice are flagged by a red sticker which remains until the pump qualifies as passing. Approximately 3 to 4 percent of gas pumps fail the initial test.

Why is it important that Allegheny County conduct its own testing?
The Bureau of Weights and Measures provides an important check and balance. Consumers can be assured that the seal on each device means it is functioning properly.

What if I spot something suspicious?
The County maintains a fraud hotline and email. Tips remain confidential, allowing callers to anonymously leave information for inspectors.

Allegheny County Fraud Hotline

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