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In 2008, Pittsburgh celebrated its 250th anniversary with a year full of activities. Our region inspired some of the greatest inventors. After 250 years we have achieved many notable Pittsburgh firsts: Big Mac, Ferris Wheel, Polio Vaccine, Robotics Institute, and the World Series, to name just a few.

Picturesque PittsburghFrommers Travel Guides rated named Pittsburgh, PA a “Top Travel Destination of 2008” citing its inexpensiveness, cultural attractions, and great food.  It named Pittsburgh a “First-Class Second City” in its list of “Where to Go Instead.”

ShermansTravel.com also gave our region high marks in 2008. It ranked Pittsburgh 7th in its list of Top 10 Underrated US Cities, saying, “The city is sparkling with pristine parks, architectural assets, and three rivers flowing into downtown’s ‘Golden Triangle.’”

Forbes.com ranked Pittsburgh 6th on its list of the top ten “Up and Coming” Technology Cities.  The innovative forces in healthcare, biomedical technology, nuclear energy, robotics, and education found within Pittsburgh all came into consideration when creating the list.

Bridge Mural in PittsburghAmerican Style Magazine ranked Pittsburgh the 3rd Best Art Destination among mid-sized cities.  Highlights of this honor include Pittsburgh’s 250th celebration, the 55th annual Carnegie International and the Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2008 Biennial celebration.

Pittsburgh International Airport’s AIRMALL received top honors from Airport Revenue News as the Airport with the Most Unique Services.  Pittsburgh International was chosen for its comprehensive scope of management expertise in airport retail and food/beverage, ensuring quality and competitive pricing.

Pittsburgh ranked first among large metropolitan areas in 2008 as Best City for Relocating Families, according to Worldwide ERC and Primacy Relocation.  Ranking of the 50 large cities was based on 2007 job growth, number of top-rated colleges, in-state tuition at separate sales and income tax categories and a green living index.

The Steelers NationEven with a less than perfect record, ESPN ranked Steelers fans as the Best Fans in the Country, tied with fans of the Green Bay Packers.  Factors like tailgating and fans’ “well-traveledness” came into consideration for this honorable distinction.

Pittsburgh was also chosen as the 9th Best City for Couples in the country according to a ranking done by Forbes.com.  Marriage rates among 20- to 34- year olds, affordability of a starter home, area’s income disparity and availability of family counseling were all taken into consideration.

Forbes.com also ranked Pittsburgh 13th out of 40 in its list of Best Cities for Young Professionals.  Pittsburgh offered top jobs for young people due to its large concentration of Forbes’ 400 big companies and 200 small companies.  In addition, Pittsburgh offered high salaries coupled with a low cost of living.

SmartMoney.com ranked Pittsburgh 4th in its list of Seven Places to Retire during an Economic Downturn.  The studied factor in Pittsburgh attributes things such as low taxes for seniors, a low cost of living, a low crime rate, and the more than 20 quality hospitals.

Pittsburgh’s Kennywood Park has been the source of family fun on summer days for generations, but now its reputation is becoming nationally and internationally known.  The National Amusement Park Historical Association voted Kennywood as America’s Favorite Traditional Park in 2008.