Location & Demographics

Strategically located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic states, Allegheny County is only a short flight or a day's drive from many of the world's busiest commercial centers, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada. These lucrative markets encompass more than 50 percent of the populations of both the United States and Canada, and account for 53 percent of the American buying income. Utilizing a transportation system that takes advantage of all modes of travel including highways, waterways, rail lines and one of the nation's most modern aviation facilities, Allegheny County is uniquely positioned to deliver its world class high-tech, bio-medical, manufacturing and communication products to markets throughout the world.


Spring in Allegheny CountySummer in Allegheny County

The landscape of Allegheny County can be characterized as rolling hills punctuated by several scenic river valleys that offer breathtaking vantage points to experience the splendor of all four seasons. Winter provides the perfect opportunities for skiers and sled riding as snow, while not in abundance, often blankets the area.

Surrounded by many rural farming communities, the spring season is the time of rejuvenation highlighted in the rebirth of the many forests and greenways that frame the local highways and byways.


Autumn in Allegheny CountyWinter in Allegheny County

The long days of summer afford the opportunity to work and yet still cut loose to enjoy the many recreational activities available to the local population.

Fall is probably the most appreciated time of the year for many Allegheny County natives. The hills come alive with a kaleidoscope of red, yellow and orange hues that leave the observer warm inside to carry through the winter doldrums until the onset of spring. Average temperatures for our location range anywhere from 18 degree Fahrenheit lows in January to 83 degree Fahrenheit highs in July (temperatures provided by World Wide Web Icon www.nws.noaa.gov).