Economic Growth

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Sustainable economic growth, which reaches every corner of our county, remains the highest priority of our leadership. Groundbreaking public-private partnerships have resulted in projects and initiatives that will energize the regional economy and change the face of our community.


Construction of Heinz FieldThe completed Heinz Field 
Heinz Field during and after construction. 

New building projects, which include an expansion of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Heinz Field and PNC Park (the new football stadium and baseball park), and the redevelopment of the Downtown Pittsburgh central shopping district promise to reinvigorate our regional hub, the Golden Triangle and its adjoining riverfronts.



Construction of the David L. Lawrence Convention CenterThe completed David L. Lawrence Convention Center 
The David L. Lawrence Convention Center during and after construction. 

This new regional approach is also evident in the advent of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, the umbrella organization for a number of previously independent agencies with missions related to economic development. The Alliance and several of its partners are also now located under one roof- the former Alcoa Building, a gift from the corporation to the development community, which has been re-named the Regional Enterprise Tower.

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has set the pace in launching new ventures and strengthening the existing technology base. The council tracks over 880 technology intensive firms in the region, and along with Innovation Works, which makes investments and offers technical assistance to young technology companies, provides local entrepreneurs with the capital and aid they need to make an impact.

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