Professional Services Review Committee



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Procurement of Professional Services
(§ Article 5-905.03 of the Administrative Code)
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(Bill No. 2748-06; Ordinance No. 14-07-OR)


The Professional Services Review Committee was created by the Administrative Code, Section 905.03.  The Committee reviews and evaluates proposals for professional services for architects, engineers, financial consultants, legal services, and medical consulting.

The Committee is comprised of five (5) members: The County Executive or his designee, the County Manager or his designee, two (2) members appointed by the President of Council, one (1) appointed by the County Executive with the consent of Council. An additional member will be designated by the County Official and/or the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, if the professional service contract being acted upon was requested by the respective office or the Court.

No term expiration dates. Member expiration dates are contingent upon their Council terms or the County Executive's term.


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