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Exemplary Employee and Frank J. Lucchino Distinguished Service Awards
Nomination Form - ONLINE Version

  1. Type all information. Please complete all sections.
  2. Provide a written explanation of why the nomination is being made. Nominations may be enhanced by testimonials, letters of appreciation or commendation from associates and/or citizens with first-hand knowledge of the employee’s actions, or proof of enhanced productivity as reflected in cost savings, revenue generated or increased efficiency.
  3. Nominations shall be filled out and submitted online.  You may either email or mail applicable support documentation to the appropriate addresses provided below.  On your support documentation, be sure to include names of nominator AND nominee/s.
    Terry Conroy
    County Manager's Office
    436 Grant Street, Suite 119
    Pittsburgh PA  15219

    Support documentation email address:
  4. Nominations may be submitted at any time and will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
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This form and any supporting documentation will not be returned to you.  Any false statement, lobbying effort and/or violation of the above instructions will disqualify the nomination.  The award panel reserves the right to interpret this process as it deems appropriate.  Your submission of this form releases the County and any/all of its employees and representatives from any liability in all aspects of this process; furthermore, your submission authorizes the award committee to investigate and verify any information contained in this nomination.  All information will be kept confidential.
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