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Dom Care (Adult Foster Care)

Adults who are independently mobile or semi-mobile, but cannot live independently, may be matched with families who are willing to open their hearts and provide a warm and caring home filled with love, support and encouragement. Dom Care providers care for no more than three people, and are able to give individual attention to each resident. 

Who is eligible to be a Dom Care resident? 

A Dom Care resident must be:

  • 18 years of age or older,
  • Independently mobile or semi-mobile,
  • Unable to live alone,
  • In need of supervision or assistance with activities of daily living and
  • Willing to live with a family.

An individual who qualifies for Dom Care services may have a physical or intellectual disability, mental health diagnosis, or be a frail older adult. As part of the Dom Care application, an interested adult is required to have an MA 51 Medical Evaluation completed by their doctor.

The individual is also assessed by an Allegheny County DHS Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Care Manager to determine what level-of-care is needed.

When a Dom Care Home is found that best meets a person's needs, interests and preferences, a visit is made to the home, and a trial stay is completed prior to beginning residence. The AAA Care Manager, Dom Care provider and resident work together through ongoing care management to ensure a safe, supportive and stable living arrangement.

What is a Dom Care Home? 

A Dom Care Home is a private residence certified by AAA, according to PA Code Title 6, Aging, Chapter 21 Domiciliary Care regulations.  Dom Care Homes maintain a home-like setting and have no more than three residents at one time. Every home must meet  pdf.gif home certification requirements and be re-certified annually. 

Who Can Be a Dom Care Home provider? 

Dom Care Home providers are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are willing to share their homes and open their hearts to others. In addition to a monthly payment, Dom Care providers receive companionship and a feeling of well-being for providing a sense of family to someone in need.

A Dom Care Home provider must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older,
  • Be a Pennsylvania resident,
  • Reside in the prospective Dom Care home,
  • Have a physical exam including a tuberculosis test or chest x-ray,
  • Have First Aid and CPR certification,
  • Pass criminal history clearances and
  • Provide satisfactory financial and personal references.

A Dom Care provider is responsible for the pdf.gif round-the-clock care of his/her Dom Care resident(s) including care in emergencies.

What Does Dom Care Cost? 

As of January 1, 2013, the Dom Care payment is $964.00 per month for a single person as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. The payment is made to the Dom Care provider by the resident or the Representative Payee. Residents on a limited income may be eligible for a financial supplement to their income to assist with making this payment to assure that he/she has at least $180.30 spending money each month. The Care Manager will help the resident apply for the additional funds.

What is the Next Step? 

For more information on Dom Care and other AAA programs, please contact the SeniorLine at 412-350-5460 or 1-800-344-3419.


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