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JW Wallace, the New Administrator for Education and Training

JW Wallace says that there is a distinction between education and training.  Education is knowledge; training is the tools that enhance an employee’s skill set. It’s JW’s job at the Department of Human Services (DHS) to ensure that both result in improved workplace performance for employees and supervisors. 

Since September, JW has been DHS Administrator for Education/Training and Organizational Development.  He immediately was tasked to coordinate technology application training for end users of the Conferencing and Teaming application. In November, he also began work on the DHS Learning Management System (LMS).

JW WallaceThe LMS uses software called Maestro that will track not only what training and education is available and recommended by supervisors for employees, but also what has been completed. The software will be accessible by supervisors and employees, offering a snapshot and transcript of advancement.

JW comes to DHS administration from the Area Agency on Aging, where he assisted in the implementation of a Learning Center. He now reports to Randolph W. Brockington, Deputy Director of the Office of Administrative and Information Services (AIMS).

JW’s work is part of DHS’s continued progress toward integrating services and improving efficiency. As he sees it, ensuring that education and training dovetail with an employee’s career trajectory is important to everyone vested in the employee. Employee training will be directly associated with the performance review recommendations, all geared to improving skill sets and productivity in the total DHS workforce.

Beyond implementing Maestro, JW will be devising a validation process for workshops or other educational platforms. He wants to ensure that trainers are clear on goals and that the knowledge gained is transferred to the job. He also wants to guarantee any gaps in training are remediated.

JW’s work also will include enhancing employee orientations to ensure that new employees understand the DHS structure – how offices interconnect and where the employee fits in the organizational scheme.

“I’m here to help,” JW said. “We’re working toward a better DHS.”

JW, a retired Army Major, previously worked for UPMC as a senior director. He developed and implemented UPMC’s first Office of Diversity. He has a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources from West Virginia University.




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