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 DHS News September 2013     

The Link Continues to Please

A recently conducted survey showed consumer satisfaction with the Allegheny County Link to Aging and Disability Resources continues to be high. The Link implemented in 2005, serves approximately 350 consumers a month and supports older adults and people of any age who have disabilities.

Respondents to the survey showed consumers are grateful for the service and that it exceeds their expectations. “They were wonderful.  I was very happy with the entire process,” one respondent wrote.

“I’m grateful for the existence of the Link program and the good it has done for those like myself and others with various problems. Thank you,” wrote another.

Joe Elliott, Community Programs Manager in the Office of Community Relations, where the Link is housed, said the results of the surveys show the Link remains valuable to Allegheny County residents with disabilities.

“We sit down with consumers and help them find the services they need and ones they might not be aware of,” said Joe. Besides Joe, the Link has two service coordinators, an intensive case manager and one master’s intern to help consumers.

When a person calls 866-730-2368, staff members will help devise an action plan that could be as simple as having the person call an appropriate program directly, if that works for him or her, or staffers will help the consumer fill out applications and troubleshoot any roadblocks to services. “It’s giving them the option of how they want to reach out to the agencies, giving them that ‘warm’ transfer to what they need,” Joe said.

Thirty days after the Link’s last contact with the consumer, staffers do a follow-up. Then, the Link sends a customer satisfaction survey out. That survey gives the Link yet another chance to make sure consumers are getting the services they need and that all has gone smoothly. Respondents said they are especially grateful for the emphasis on follow up.

“I was pleased with the staff member’s attention to my questions,” said one respondent. “She also followed up with a phone call to make sure my needs were met. She also mailed valuable information for future use. I am very satisfied with the service and attention I received.”

For more information, please visit the Allegheny Link webpage

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