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DHS News June 2013    


DHS Technological Developments Highlighted in New Report

The report is available under Related Information on the DHS AIMS webpage.

A new report completed for DHS summarizes the technological successes at the department since 2009 as they relate to our mission of integrating services and improving delivery of them to Allegheny County residents in need.

Completed by Randolph W. Brockington, Deputy Director of the DHS Office of Administrative and Information Management Services (AIMS), and Beverly R. Karwoski, Engagement Principal at contractor Deloitte Consulting LLP, the document reviews DHS’s journey into information management, dating to 2000, and maps it through 2017. “Over the last decade DHS has made significant strides over other counties and government entities to lay a foundation for the advancement of program office capabilities,” the report says.

The systems reviewed in the document include those that were developed by DHS and those tailored for it. “By listening to our end-users (DHS staff and providers) we’ve been able to build technology tools that enable our workforce and network of contract service providers to deliver quality and needed services to our consumers,” Randy said.

Among the tools are the Key Information and Demographics System (KIDS); the Jail Collaborative; the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Adult Needs and Strengths Assessments tools; data access and contracts processing.

The report discusses training and the formation of an Advisory Committee to bring contract service providers to the table. It also maps how program and integration outcomes, along with business systems integration, are moving forward as DHS technology advances.

The report is available under Related Information on the DHS AIMS webpage


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