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DHS News February 2013

OID Helps Prepare Students for Life After School 

The DHS Office of Intellectual Disability (OID) will be highlighted on a transition-themed webpage developed for families at South Park High School (SPHS). As part of the South Park Special Education section on the school’s website, the SPHS Transition Home Page will offer information about OID within a recorded video section.

According to Dr. Candace Robick, South Park School District Transition Coordinator, "Our transition initiative during the 2012-2013 school year is to raise the level of awareness in our South Park parent population and to share valuable community services that may ultimately benefit our students." To achieve this, the school developed the new webpage, which includes recorded interviews with representatives of various services throughout the community discussing their organization.

"Transition decisions in high school create lasting changes in our students’ lives, and pave the way for their futures," says Dr. Robick. Knowing that students with a diagnosis of mental retardation should register with OID for assistance, she reached out to Mary Figlar, OID Community Liaison Supervisor.

Mary coordinated the project, working with Verna Johnson, OID Intake Specialist, to develop a script for the interview. “It was important for the recorded conversation to be clear and concise and for it to compliment the information and materials available on the OID webpage,” shared Mary.

Verna, who served as the spokesperson for the project, answered questions put to her by Dr. Robick. An SPHS senior, Stone Sweiss, recorded and edited the interview as part of the school’s TV Production activities. Mary and Verna enjoyed working with Stone and appreciated his efforts to incorporate screen shots of documents and other elements to share the information visually with the audience.

“We realize the importance of getting registration information out to parents and anything that we can do to make that happen is great,” says Verna. Mary adds, “It is our hope that every eligible student is registered with OID and working with their IEP team, including their Supports Coordinator, to create a successful transition. Opportunities to share information and resources help us to reach that goal.”

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