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 DHS News January 2013

Contracts and Compliance

DHS contracts with more than 300 service providers and vendors to deliver services to more than 200,000 consumers each year. In order to keep services and payments running smoothly, staff members of the Bureau of Contracts and Compliance in the Office of Administrative and Information Management Services (AIMS) assess potential service providers and vendors and ensure that current providers are in compliance with their agreements.

Contracts Unit

The Bureau is comprised of a Contracts Unit led by Kathy Heinz. The Contracts Unit strives to execute agreements in the most efficient and effective way possible. The Contracts Unit uses a contract management tool called MPER (Master Provider Enterprise Repository) to process, execute and document all DHS contracts. Implemented in 2011, MPER houses information on provider affiliations, allows for the adjustment of contract dollar amounts, and helps move contracts and contract adjustment requests. This process has significantly reduced the length of time needed to process contracts and amendments from 165 days to 60 days.   

For fiscal year 2012-13, the Contracts Unit has been using OnBase, an electronic document repository. OnBase provides a common location for all DHS staff to view the same version of important documents. Using OnBase has resulted in a reduction in both paper documentation and the storage space needed to house contract documents.

Compliance Unit

The Compliance Unit led by Tony Kotanchik provides technical assistance and oversight to safeguard DHS assets and protect funds from fraud waste and abuse. The Compliance Unit conducts regular financial compliance reviews of service providers and reviews certified audits prepared by an independent certified public accountant for providers spending $500,000 or more in federal and state funds.

Beginning this month, the Compliance Unit will be conducting claims validation of CYF service provider claims on a monthly basis. This will help to find and correct any errors and issues early. The goal is to apply claims validation review procedures to all DHS service contracts.  

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