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DHS News September 2012

Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services*

Staff of DHS OBH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol ServiceLed by Dr. Latika Davis-Jones, administrator, the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services is comprised of 10 staff members who plan, implement and evaluate prevention, intervention and treatment programs in our region.

The Bureau does not provide direct care to consumers; instead, it contracts with 30 community-based agencies in Allegheny County to provide a variety of prevention, intervention and treatment services. These include outpatient treatment, detoxification, 24-hour residential programs, case management and service coordination, prevention outreach in schools and the community, student assistance programs, and intervention services. During the 2010-2011 fiscal year, a total of 13,299 people received these services through the network of DHS provider agencies.

“There are many pathways to recovery, ranging from in- or outpatient treatment services to recovery support. With the rapid changes in technology, we are even seeing online support groups where people can do e-therapy or participate in recovery chat rooms,” said Latika. “No matter the path an individual chooses, it’s important to know that prevention works, treatment is effective and people do recover.”

Over the next several months, the Bureau plans to begin educating the community about Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) – holistic, individualized services designed to enhance treatment by linking persons in recovery with whatever supports they need to be successful in their home community. This can include 12-step programs, supportive housing programs, advocacy and mentoring. 

According to Latika, “We are learning from others across the country that ROSC transformation is a process in which we must have buy-in from various stakeholder groups. Therefore, we plan to reach out to stakeholders here in Allegheny County to ensure that our transformation process has conceptual clarity; practice alignment; and context alignment in policy, fiscal and administrative systems.”

The Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services is located downtown at One Smithfield Street, Third Floor. To learn more, please visit the bureau homepage or contact Bernie Galanko (412-350-3334).

* Over the upcoming months, DHS News will be spotlighting the bureaus, units and teams that make up DHS. September is National Recovery Month, so we have chosen to begin the series with a spotlight on the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. If you would like to provide information for your bureau, unit or team, please contact Nakia Beasley.

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