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DHS News September 2012

KUDOS: Greg Phillips

The South Regional Office (SRO) of the DHS Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) recently received a letter from a foster mother praising Greg Phillips, caseworker.

In the letter, the foster mother writes that Greg “listened with an empathetic ear, spoke with an authoritative voice, and advised with knowledge, compassion, and his ever present level of experience.” She also explains that Greg played a vital role in her decision to remain a foster parent: “[He] has taught me a great deal about being a foster mother, even more so than the training I received. He is certainly an asset, not only to your agency but to foster parents and children everywhere.”

Bonnie Bloch, SRO director, echoes the letter writer’s appreciation for Greg’s work: “In our field, it is not often that we receive praise from the people that we serve. The praise for Greg is well-deserved, and we all value his hard work and dedication to the needs of his families.

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