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DHS News August 2012

DHS Debit Cards

This summer, DHS launched a pilot program aimed at easing the way volunteers and other program participants get paid. With assistance from the county treasurer, county controller and PNC bank, DHS has begun distributing payments to AAA Senior Companions via PNC debit cards instead of a printed check. 

Senior companions received their debit cards in the mail between July 23 and July 31 and the first debit card payment was distributed August 8.

“We have been meeting each Friday for several months to plan and coordinate the various steps needed to implement this process,” said Catherine Adekoya, fiscal administrator in the Office of Administrative and Information Management Services (AIMS). “Because of consistent participation, due diligence in training and follow-up, and coordination between each of the county offices and PNC bank staff, we were able to transition to the new debit cards which will not only help our seniors but also eliminate the need for paper checks, envelopes and postage for biweekly stipend distributions.”

While the new debit card system will save some money in printing and mailing costs, the change is more about efficiency, eliminating the need for the seniors to travel to the bank every two weeks to deposit or cash their senior companion stipend. Funds will be available on the distribution date to use for shopping and other purchases directly from the card in place of cash collected from the bank and carried for various purchases.

DHS is planning to transition from paper checks to debit cards for other DHS programs. To learn more about the new debit cards, please contact Catherine Adekoya at (412) 350-7146. 

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