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DHS Safety Alerts

DHS has recently begun distributing ‘All DHS Staff’ safety alerts emails to notify staff of potentially unsafe situations in the community.

Safety alerts most often originate in Allegheny County Probation and are forwarded to the designated Office of Children Youth and Families (CYF) Emergency Response staff member, who distributes the alerts to all CYF staff and Jamie Regan, Human Resources Administrator in the Office of Administrative and Information Management Services (AIMS). Mr. Regan then forwards the alerts to all DHS staff members.

“The safety alerts are an important opportunity to keep our employees, especially those who work in the field, aware of any dangerous situations that may exist in the communities that we serve,” said Regan. “This information gives those employees an opportunity to consult with their supervisor in order to determine whether or not they should travel to an area where there may presently be unsafe conditions.”

In the event that DHS receives an update on a previously distributed safety alert, the information will be shared with staff; however, this information is usually not provided. Staff members whose work may be affected by an alert should monitor local news for additional information and speak with their supervisors on the best course of action.
For more information on the safety alerts and work of the Emergency Response Team, please contact your office’s Emergency Response Team representative, listed below.

AAA Russell Goralczyk OBH Regina Janov
AAA Donald Grant OBH Lucille Underwood
AIMS Terry Farrell OCR Judith Barricella
AIMS Jamie Regan, Chairperson OCR Karen Blumen
AIMS Mark Simon OCR Samantha Murphy
AIMS Vernon Smith OCS Don Valentine
AIMS Earl Smithson OCS Rich Venezia
DARE Sarah Thurston CYF Michael Gill
Executive Terry Lane CYF Julius Hill
    OID Pat Bowser
    OID Michael Rudnik

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