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DHS News August 2011  

pdf.gif August 2011 DHS Newsletter

2-1-1 is coming to southwestern Pennsylvania

Human services information and referral service phone line, 2-1-1, soft launched this summer in southwestern Pennsylvania, providing an easy way for residents to get connected to Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP) funding, as well as to other vital human services.

EHLP funds are available to qualified homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgages and are in danger of foreclosure due to the loss of a job, an involuntary reduction in work hours, or a medical issue. The program pledges to pay up to 24 months of mortgage payments capped at $50,000 for eligible homeowners.

The deadline for applying to EHLP funds is September 30.

2-1-1, similar to 9-1-1, is a nationally recognized, easy-to-remember phone number that quickly and effectively connects people in need with resources in the area. 2-1-1 callers in southwestern Pennsylvania will be connected to a call specialist who has been certified by the Pennsylvania Association of Information and Referral Specialists (AIRS) and has access to a database of information regarding human services in the region.

To date, 2-1-1 is available in 48 states and the service is expected to be launched throughout Pennsylvania this year.

All 2-1-1 centers in Pennsylvania will eventually use a single state-of-the-art software system to track all calls as well as the information being sought and the referrals being made. This information will be valuable in determining emerging and unmet needs of residents – useful information for policymakers and the future of human service programs.

Residents wishing to find human services on their own will also eventually be able to access the 2-1-1 website (expected to be launched later this year) and have access to the same database of information used by the 2-1-1 call specialists.

Look for more information about 2-1-1 in future issues of DHS News.

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