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Child welfare-related
Booklets and others sources of information for those involved directly or indirectly with the child welfare system.

DHS ActionAlerts
ActionAlerts share lessons learned and best practices across our offices, with the goal of improving the health and safety of the many people served by DHS.

DHS Annual Reports
From 2000 through 2004, DHS published annual reports that highlighted the work and workings of DHS. In 2007, a retrospective of DHS from the perspective of individuals who work in or along side the human services system was published.

DHS Brochures
Information on DHS offices, services and programs, and on DHS-lead awareness and preventive campaigns.

DHS Innovations
Since its creation in 1997, DHS has worked to improve the way human services are provided to the residents of Allegheny County. DHS Innovations highlights some of the most significant DHS achievements.

DHS: Making an Impact
A series of DHS publications that focus on the how real people have experienced a positive change in their lives by utilizing DHS services.

DHS News Newsletter 
DHS news articles about current DHS happenings, new initiatives and important information, published by the DHS Office of Community Relations. 

To request that DHS News articles be delivered to your inbox, please send an email with "Newsletter Sign Up" in the subject line to DHS-information@AlleghenyCounty.us.

Office Profiles
One-page overview of the office and a more detailed description of the office including legal mandates, administration, fiscal and client statistics, programs and services, and contact information.

Parent Publications
Includes A Parent's HandbookManual para Padres, Home Alone - Is Your Child Ready?parenting tips from Safe Start and other information of interest to parents.

Press Releases (DHS-issued)
Detailed, official announcements concerning new initiatives, events and other news-worthy happenings at DHS. 

Research and Reports (DHS-initiated)
Reports based on subjects of interest to DHS and its stakeholders.

Resource Guides
Contact information about and for human services providers including DHS-contracted providers and other local human service entities. 

Youth Publications
Includes Know Your Rights - A Guide for Youth in Substitute Care 

Additional related publications

DHS Receives National Recognition
National news stories and publications that have featured DHS.

Provider Reporting System
Information to help consumers of intellectual disability (formerly mental retardation) services select the best providers.